Tree and Shrub Care

A guide to options concerning your trees and shrubs.


Our family-owned company of arborists has more than 50 years experience in pruning and maintaining trees for property owners on the Main Line and in Philadelphia’s western suburbs.

We provide arboricultural care including insect and disease control for trees, shrubs, hedges and woody plants to allow existing trees to grow to maturity.

Our team continually works to advance the company’s expertise and education in plant health, preventive care and safety.

Ornamental Pruning

Our arborists are skilled in the art of fine pruning ornamentals. This type of pruning includes shaping, thinning, and pollarding. Typical plants we prune include various species of holly, crabapple, magnolia, cherry, rhododendron, birch, and azalea. Limbs are often thinned to increase light penetration, air movement, and to reduce weight. Often ornamentals require reduction pruning when they are located in close proximity to structures, walkways, and pool areas.

Large Tree Pruning

Our arborists take pride in having the knowledge and skill to correctly prune all sizes of trees. At John B. Ward and Co., large trees are pruned entirely, with climbers often maneuvering around the end of each limb to remove crossing, dying, diseased or weak branches and deadwood. Limbs may also be thinned to increase light penetration, air movement, and to reduce weight.

They give you a straight answer about a problem. They’re not just going to cut. They’ll be conservative, but realistic.
They’ll give you both sides of the issue.
– J. Levy, Gladwyne

Tree Removal

At John B. Ward and Co., our arborists are extensively trained to utilize the latest techniques and equipment for safe and efficient removal of trees when necessary. We take pride in our ability to leave properties in perfect condition upon the completion of a project.

They are experts at felling and removal and the care of the property around it. They are like surgeons – impeccable - from the guys climbing the trees to the guys on the ground.
– G. Frye, Chestnut Hill

Cabling & Bracing

Steel cables and/or steel rods are used to help trees safely exist when located near and sometimes over homes, driveways, and play areas. Cables and rods can also be used to correct structural problems due to decay, small cracks, co-dominant stems and weak branch attachments.

Determining which trees will benefit from cables, as well as selecting the proper hardware and location within a tree for installing the hardware, takes years of training and experience. At John B. Ward we take pride in our arborists’ extensive training and skill in the design and installation of cable systems.


Lightning Protection Systems

Stump Grinding

We have modern stump removal equipment to safely and efficiently grind stumps with very little exposure to wood chips and sawdust.

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