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Pennsylvania Big Trees

June 17, 2019 by Matthew Ward, ISA Certified Arborist PD-1673
Big tree enthusiests, Matthew and John Ward inspect a Weeping European Beech Tree at West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd.

Over 133 years ago, Dr. Joseph T. Rochrock documented Pennsylvania’s largest and most magnificent trees. His purpose was to increase the public’s awareness and interest in the importance of trees to our well-being. 

Today, Scott Wade is the official keeper of the state’s champion tree list and web site,, and editor of Big Trees of Pennsylvania

Most of the oldest and largest trees in Pennsylvania are found in the Philadelphia suburbs and Delaware Valley. Quakers appreciated trees as did industrialists who built large estates. The database provides an avenue to us to connect with the amazing horticulture history that exists in our community. From a European Fernleaf Beech at St. Aloysius Academy to a Hinoki Cypress at Haverford College, ranks state champion trees – the largest of their species in all of Pennsylvania. 

Hinoki Cypress at Haverford College.

We appreciate Scott Wade’s work in maintaining this incredible database and encourage you to visit the website,

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