Yellowwood in Bryn Mawr

About five years ago we were asked to work on a yellowwood tree growing close to a patio in Bryn Mawr. Due to the weak connection of the two main...

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John B. Ward staff vertical-mulch and prune the hornbeam hedge, February, 2017

Case Study Underperforming Hornbeam Hedge in Devon

A three-year-old hornbeam hedge in Devon, PA developed leaf bronzing and growth inconsistency in the late summer of 2016. The hedge had...

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Completed pruning of a beautiful Japanese Maple in Villanova. Certified Arborist Randall Synder applied his signature to this pruning job.

Case Study: Ornamental Pruning of a Japanese Maple in Villanova

Pruning is necessary to maintain a healthy, vigorous tree or shrub.

We frequently prune ornamental trees and shrubs...

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Drilling the trunk to install a steel rod.

Case Study: Preservation of a Mulberry Tree in Bryn Mawr

A client in Bryn Mawr has a mulberry tree that is strategically located on the property. The trunk developed a large crack where

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The grouping of three Nellie Stevens Holly trees. The tree on the left is underperforming.

Root Crown Excavation

A client in Radnor has three nice Nellie Stevens Holly trees growing in the front yard. We noticed that one tree was underperforming for no...

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Case Study: Chinese Elm Trees in Gladwyne

A common problem with trees in the landscape is circling or girdling roots. Often when symptoms appear, such as a declining upper canopy, it is...

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Case Study: Beautiful Weeping Beech Tree in Wynnewood

We love to know the history of trees and why they are important to our clients. This year a client asked me to check a weeping beech tree at his...

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